Five Things to Look Out for in a Phone.


Well, well, well, while I’m not sure if most guys have ever given a thought about it, I’m going to say it- shopping for a great phone can be equated with checking out a female. An interesting thought right? but definitely true. Even the makers of phones and hardware ‘were’ out for the sex appeal…so you get my point?

By the way- by posting the pic above I’m not inferring that the lady in the pic is my perfect example of an ideal woman nor am I saying so for you (lols), for as they say- “to each his own”. okay, let’s continue

While everyone has their own ‘twisted’ or different taste in everything, everything at the end of the day still boils down to one thing– is it right for you?

Okay, so here are my five quick and basic things you should consider before picking a phone-

1. Battery life (some phones have a knack of draining battery, no matter how often you charge or change battery. Watch out, sometimes that actually indicates a phone’s standard or quality)

2.Exterior (type of material i.e durability in case of drops) check keypads etc. most times soft keypads weakens easily and gives way for dust to settle in, this often results to irresponsive keys. Make sure you go for tightly fitted and closely knitted keypads.

3. Views from the street i.e reviews: check from your friends or people who have similar phone what they gush or complain about the phone. (note: be sure not to disclose your mission 🙂 )

4. Manufacturer and sales outlet- never buy stuff from places with bad reputation or business practices just cause of a cheap offer, at the end of the day, it’s best to buy from accredited places for this has effects on the kinds of product they would sell, plus the fact that you can get warranties and stuff.

5. Finally always ask yourself; the basic question- what are those things you’ll want to do in your phone then search online using those very list. And of course you could add those extra few frivolous things you might want. selfies!

So there you have it – without dictating specifications, these are the five points to guide you in making better choices next time.

So remember, if you go just for the flashy stuffs (without first giving it a thought) you might just end up dumping it at the end of the day for something better. Well, now you can make a better decision!

That’s it guys n gals! check in next time… something a little hotter just might come your way soon!

Stay cool, share or comment please!


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