Why Twitter & facebook accounts easily gets hacked.

Intro- Ever wondered how hackers are able to successfully work their way into people’s personal Facebook and twitter accounts (in spite of website settings)? Well it is simply this- by targeting them through nowhere else than their (unsecured) MOBILE PHONES.

The secret is, most people already practice installing antivirus software on their computer or laptop but fail to do the same when it comes to their phones. That is why it has become a common attack vector for hackers. Antivirus softwares on phones do not only protect phones against malware but also designed to search and detect any unauthorized activity mostly carried out by hackers.

Because vulnerabilities exist on the android operating system (as much as other O.S on mobile phones) hackers tap into it for exploit. So for a heavy user of social media and popular sites, you should ensure to install (and regularly update) an antivirus software of some kind for your phones. This is a sure way to minimize and most times frustrate hacking attempts.

Another thing worthy of note is App downloads– One should try as much as possible not to download apps into your phone without screening them first to verify their sources e.g not all android twitter app are from Twitter. It’s advisable to go to Google play store to download apps and for the sake of safety keep off any app that isn’t from the official or verified source- always read and verify what you are signing up for and Yes terms and conditions matter. choose what you are comfortable with or else you’d be making a deal with the devil.

Always start top-down – for example if you wish to download a CNN app for your android device, what you do first is to go to CNN’s website and find their link through which you can download their app instead of googling and choosing from the results of your search query. That way you’d be sure to cut off a hacker’s fake app (or trojan horse) which he or she would use to monitor your phone and mine information (i.e your username and password in the apps you use e.g Facebook or twitter) and then have access to these accounts and use it for malicious purposes.

Here is a list of some of the best free antivirus software for android phones.

(All available on google play store)

360 Mobile Security (Free)

Has a detection rate of 99.9 percent

Mainly about detecting and nullifying threats.

While it protects your phone device from malware, spyware and the threat of infection, it also fixes system vulnerability.

Avast! Mobile security

This apps primarily provides solution for malware and safe browsing.

it provides antivirus protection,

it scans your apps, scans URLs of the site you are visiting for any malware

it also provides an anti-theft feature which allows you remotely control your

smartphone by using SMS. which means if you lose your device you can remotely locate it, lock it, or wipe it. You can lock your SIM card using this tool

it is lightweight and doesn’t drain your battery

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

Real-time scanning of apps to detect virus

It also has anti-theft tools,

you can also prevent anyone from uninstalling your apps through password protection .

Delivers anti-phishing protection, an app audit feature, device monitoring for unwarranted use of data, and advanced call blocking.

The Rest includes: Avira Antivirus Security, AVL,

McAfee Antivirus & Security, TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security, and Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus etc.

Note: Other mobile phone antivirus softwares including premium ones like Kaspersky or Symantec provide great protection too but they are not for free. But notwithstanding,  free ones work just as great and effective as premium ones and from our list, we rank 360 Mobile Security as a top choice.

As a side note, also take caution when carrying out financial transactions on the web through your phones and use less of a cafe’s computer when accessing or logging on to sensitive sites requiring personal information as you cannot tell the vulnerability existing on that system.


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